"This war between Aengel and Daemon has raged for millennia before the dawn of man.  We are but pawns in a game of titans....we of the Hermetic Order shall end it!"


Grand Maester Donovan of the Hermetic Order

The Tangram Principles chronicles the "Eternal War" between Aengels and Deamons.  


For Eons they have battled as forces of creation and destruction across the universe. 

World after world has borne the chaos of their conflict.  The living beings who dwell upon them used as vessels for the ethereal forms of the combatants.  The only way they can truly effect the physical world.  

Now they have brought their war to Earth.  The human race chosen to be their new vessels.  The next beasts to bear this burden.

But mankind is different...we have souls.  Souls that can wield the energy of the universe.  We have minds capable of understanding the 7 Principle forces that govern the universe.   We have the Power to fight back!

And we Will fight back!

Coming soon!