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Stanley Nunn

Stanley Nunn is an entrepreneur, teacher, and motivational speaker.  He is the president of a successful non-profit as well as the CEO of Undeniable Entertainment and Media.  
His “Awakened Vision” seminar and “Quantum Craft” classes have helped hundreds of students find a path to a more empowered and focused life.  Through them, he has been able to pass on his experiences to students throughout southeastern Michigan.

Mr. Nunn has been asked to advise campaigns at the city council, mayoral and state representative levels of government, resulting in successful elections for the candidates.  
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Awakenings Meditation Cd

"Take the Journey"

Awakened Vision Seminar series

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Learn to see through illusions and misconceptions that life can put as obstacles to your goals.  Gain a deeper knowledge of your True Self and ultimately freedom of your Will.  Develop personal shadow work techniques designed to remove self-delusions and rewire your neural net. Improve your self-image by discovering the True nature of your deepest self.

Designed Evolution


Learn techniques designed to direct your potential in the direction you choose for your life, instead of waiting for the universe to deliver them to you.


Take charge of your destiny by learning to own your decisions and choices and speak truth to your own mind.

Leadership development


Learn how to lead in any situation with intelligence and creativity. Gain an understanding of what true leadership is. Learn how to do more than be in charge and give orders.

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“Real leadership is being able to inspire people
to follow your plan with enthusiasm.”

               - Stanley Nunn