Eden Trust arrives at U.E.M!

If I had to say what was the best part of this journey so far I'd have to say it's the joy of seeing images that I've had in my head put to paper (or digitized) by the dynamic U.E.M. creative team.

From the kickass writers to the amazing artists, they all take the babbling I do at a meeting and make miracles out of it.

Just another example of this is the upcoming comic book that we are working on "Eden Trust".

Eden Trust is based off of a campaign that I ran for a few years for some friends and family.

For anyone who's into role-playing you can imagine how Epic it is to see your characters come to life in a format like this. It's like having the video reel in your head pop into the real world.

So yea, that's coming very soon. We'll be adding the Eden Trust Page to the site as content is created.

Although the comic won't be ready by the time we reach GodaikoCon on August 4-6th, out goal is to get it and the Tangram Principles animated comic ready for release before October. This means you'll be able to check them both out at YoumaCon THIS YEAR!!!

Check out both events here: www.godaikocon.com and www.youmacon.com

This adventure has been a roller coaster ride so far and looks to be getting more exciting as things progress.

Stay tuned for a LOT more that we have coming.


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