U.E.M. the Summer Agenda

I'm just coming out of a U.E.M. staff meeting and having a hard time containing my excitement!

You know that feeling when you know something really cool is coming...like Christmas or your birthday and you just can't wait for it to get here? It's a lot like that.

The U.E.M. creative team has been working hard behind the scenes to help us capitalize on the successes of #NotCon 2017 and PotterCon. We were able to put our products in front groups of people who knew nothing about us and get and keep their interest. We made some good sales, established good contacts with customers and organizations. Now we've been brainstorming on just how to keep the momentum going.

The pic above (not the GodaikoCon one...quit being silly) is a sketch of what the Aengels in Tangram Principles will look like and one of the leaders of the Lumera. Just a sample of what we have coming in the animated comic for Tangram and the visual novel for the Lumera. Both of these will be available at our table at GodaikoCon.

I wish i could just spill the goods about everything we have going on behind the scenes, but alas...gotta tease a little bit...But it's cool...really...it's cool...;)

Anywho, back to work. I have a lot of advertising to do to make sure everyone is ready for us at GodaikoCon.

Stay tuned for more updates, teasers and upcoming events for Undeniable Entertainment and Media!


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