Post Pottercon

Ok so PotterCon is over. We had a great time! Made some money and definitely learned some valuable lessons.

Lessons learned:

1. Harry Potter Fans in Detroit....REALLY Like Harry Potter! LOL

2. When you Vend at don't actually have to sell Only Potter related items to make money.

3. People WILL ask if your stuff is potter related. (don't lie...they know)

4. Potter fans really got into our coloring books and keychains. We made a killing on those.

All in all, it was a good opportunity that we made the most of. We've got a lot of material in the works and it's just about ready for prime time, so we have to work fast to be ready for out next adventure.

Our next big adventure will be at GodikoCon and Detroit Pagan Pride Day in August! All in preparation for the big show in November...YoumaCon!

We're hard at work bringing out new products and more creative art for the masses. Be sure to support U.E.M. when you see us out and about.

Oh yea...almost forgot...our online store is opening soon! ;) Keep and eye out for that!

I've gotta get back to work making the future! See you soon!


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