Round 2! Fight!

Greetings and Salutations all!

The Undeniable Entertainment and Media team is back at it!

We are full steam ahead preparing stock for the upcoming Midwest Media Expo

The Tangram Principles animated series will be revealing our first teaser for the series at the Expo. wanna see it? Gotta come by our table in the dealers room. :)

We'll be debuting prints from the series as well as more lore and prints from the Lumera. You Don't want to miss this!

We've also been invited to host a panel discussion about the Tangram Principles and what it takes to put together an animated series from the ground up. Join us to discuss how Tangram Principles was born and what lies in store for the future.

We've kicked the pre-production for Detroit Rap Tv into high gear. We'll be hosting auditions for potential hosts and auditioning DJ's shortly. Check back on our Detroit Rap Tv page on the website for updates. (also's a secret....someone may be putting together a dance show....jus sayin)

So as you can see, we have a Lot going on. :) It's really exciting!

On a real note....this is way harder than I thought! LOL I work 3 times as much as I did at my former I am having way more fun I guess it evens out.

Anyway, make sure to say hi to us at Midwest Media Expo, check back on the website often and I'll see you guys next time.




Oh wait...that picture featured on this blog is a "rough" draft of some of the characters in the Tangram Principles. ;) Yea...very cool.

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