The Quiet before the storm...

Today has surely been a day to remember....

The UEM staff gathered as we do on Tuesdays to make sure we are all on task, but today was different.

Today is the last meeting before ConVocation. ConVocation will be the first convention that will feature Undeniable Entertainment and Media products!

I am both nervous and very excited! We've worked very hard to get to this point and I know we're ready for the public to see the progress we've made. This is going to be amazing.

The nervous feeling comes from the understanding that a chapter in my life that i wasn't sure was going to happening right now. My company will be launching it's first product line to the public in two days and my life won't ever be the same. Pretty cool.

i was very proud of our staff as we went over the plan for Con and dotted I's and crossed T's. Everything seems to be on target for a great launch and where better than among many of my friends.

What I was most proud of however, is that right after we were sure we are ready for Con, they jumped right back to work to get us ready for Midwest Media Expo. We have new product to debut there and it has to be perfect, so they didn't miss a beat. They jumped right back on the laptops of power and creation and began again. This is how i know we will succeed. We all understand...there is no stop, there is no quit, until we accomplish our mission!

So get ready...UEM is coming and we will be Undeniable!

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