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Hey there! :)

Well I'm back and fresh out of a meeting with the Undeniable Entertainment and Media staff.

We're spent the afternoon going over the progress for the Dragon and Fairy coloring book, the Lumera coloring book, character development for the Eden Trust comic book and Lore, history and plot development for the Tangram Principles Animation series we have in development. I'll be meeting tomorrow with the Unveiled writing team to continue to rewrite the script for "UnVeiled" the movie.

Suffice it to say that we've been super busy! :)

We've been pushing to stay on schedule because ConVocation (a major convention for us) is coming up and we need to be sure to have stock in hand for our customers. Some have been lucky enough to get a preview of some of the stuff we'll have for sale in the merchant room...the rest will have to wait til Con.

We also have to get ready for Midwest Media Expo in April, so we've got a lot of product to create and get ready for our audience.

If this seems like a lot of well it is, but oh my is it fun! We have a ball every meeting and get to throw crazy ideas around the office. I do mean crazy LOL. Let's just say there was a courtroom tv show idea that we all agreed was funny as hell, but perhaps a bit to violent for the masses. :o We most certainly got our Seven Chuckles for the day off of it though.

As for now, we are running full sprint for the first of several hurdles and ready to leap into action in the coming months. Stay tuned to our website for updates (I change the site nearly every day lol) and also "We are on social media!" says Stanley Tomlinson our resident social media expert. We're on everything from Twitter to Deviant Art, so click on the links on our webpage to hook up and get up to date news on what is happening in the Undeniable world.

Ok it's official...second Blog written and out! Woot....I'm really starting to like this writing thing...might have to keep it up :)

Talk to you guys soon,


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